GP 200 Minute Offer 30 Days 2024 Code [100, 300 Minute Offer]

GP provides very good network service even in very remote rural areas in our country. They also offer various offers regularly. Also, they offer good quality at low prices.

And here today we will discuss in detail about GP 200 minutes 30 days offer. Also, we will discuss here in detail how many GP Minutes offer for 7 days period.

I will also discuss the 1000 minutes offer in detail. If you want to buy these minutes offers or want to know more about these minutes offers stay with this post.

GP 200 Minute Offer 30 Days

At present, if you want to communicate with each other through mobile phone, any operator must have a SIM in the mobile and there must be a certain amount of balance

or minutes or internet. Otherwise can’t talk through mobile phone. And so recently GP Sundar has offered some minutes. Every operator wants to always

provide good service to their customers and attract them with good offers. And so GP has recently come up with a new one minute offer for their customers.

GP 100 Minute Offer 30 Days 2024

There are many who want to buy minutes for longer term and more quantity. So they wait for longer term minutes offer. GP offers a minute of 200 minutes

GP 200 Minute Offer 113 Taka

for a period of 30 days. Those of you who want to buy this offer will get the offer in very few Tk and you can use it for up to 30 days or long term.

To buy 200 minutes you need to recharge Tk 178 at GP. If you want to buy or activate the minute offer without recharging Tk then you can also do it by dialing a code.

gp 200 minute offer 113 taka

This code is *121*4410#. There are many who want to buy good minutes offers in the short term in addition to long term offers. For which we will discuss

GP 200 Minute Offer 30 Days

here recent time GP 7 days period how many minutes offer. One of the minute offers that GP has made is 99 taka for 160 minutes. The offer activation code is *121*4006#.

Also, another offer for 7 days period is 78 taka 120 minutes. To activate this offer you need to dial this code *121*4026# or you need to recharge your GP SIM Tk.

gp 300 minute offer 30 days

Many times it is seen that talking on mobile phone becomes more necessary for many people. Also many talk more with their friends, relatives or loved ones on mobile phones.

Due to which they need to buy more minutes. So for you to talk to your loved ones for longer time GP has given an offer of 1000 minutes and this

offer will be active for 30 days. To buy the offer you need to recharge 604 Tk at GP and you need to dial a code to activate the offer. Code is *121*4209#

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