GP 500 SMS 30 Days Code 2024 for 30, 15 Days [19 TK 500 SMS GP]

Are you a customer of GP? If you are a GP subscriber then read our post carefully from start to finish. Because today in our post we will discuss about

which code to use to buy GP 500 sms for 30 days period. Also in this post, we will discuss about GP 30 days validity SMS pack and the GP 1000 SMS pack.

If you read this post of ours with full attention from the beginning to the end, then you will get to know all the details. GP or Grameenphone is a popular

GP 500 SMS 30 Days Code 2024

network company in Bangladesh. GP is constantly providing better services to its customers. Also, GP is giving various offers from time to time to attract

their customers. GP offers various offers to their customers. Eg- Internet Offer, SMS Offer, Minute Offer. If you want to buy SMS at low cost then

you can use GP or Grameenphone. Because GP provides very less taka good and more SMS. There are many people who communicate with many

gp 500 sms 15 days code

people through SMS. Due to which they need more SMS. So GP is giving more amount ie 500 sms for very less money for these customers. If you want to buy

19 TK 500 SMS GP Code for 30 Days

500 SMS from GP then you can buy SMS by dialing the code. Besides, you can buy SMS pack from My GP Apps and Flexi Plan. Flexiplan is a very popular

service of Grameenphone. If you want to buy GPIR 500 SMS using the code, you need to dial *111*110*6#. GP is constantly providing various

19 tk 500 sms gp code for 30 days

types of internet packs, SMS packs, minute packs to their customers. If is also offering many sms packs with 30 days validity for their customers.

GP 500 SMS 30 Days Code 2024

Eg- 19 taka for 500 sms for 30 days. Again 11 taka 200 SMS with 30 days validity. Also GP is giving their customers different types of referrals for 30 days period.

But currently, only these two offers are applicable to their customers. If you want to buy any SMS pack for a period of 30 days, you can buy it from flexi plan.

how to buy gp 500 sms for 30 days

Besides, you can also buy by dialing the SMS code. GP is offering various types of SMS packs to their customers. Eg- 25 sms pack 50 sms pack,

100, 200 and 500 sms packs. Also, GP is offering a very large 1000 SMS pack for their customers. But currently, the 1000 SMS package is discontinued.

Next time when GP reactivates their 1000 SMS pack we will inform you about this. And keep an eye on our post regularly to know about this.

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