GP SMS Pack 2024 Code for 30 Days [GP to Any Number]

Are you looking for different types of GP SMS packages? If you are looking for GP SMS package then you are at the right place. Today in our post

we will discuss about GP’s SMS pack and GP’s 25 SMS pack and 500 SMS pack. If you want to know the codes of different types of GP SMS packs then read

our post carefully from the beginning to the end. GP is one of the other mobile network companies in Bangladesh. Nowadays GP has become very popular

GP SMS Pack 2024

among their customers. Because GPs provide many facilities to their customers in different areas and provide different types of offers or packages.

So now there is a lot of demand for GP in our country. Recently GP has released some good SMS packs for their customers. You can buy various

types of GP SMS packs at very low prices.  For example, GP has recently made an offer of 50 SMS packs. If you want to buy this SMS pack, you can buy

gp 500 sms 30 days code

it from GP Flexi Plan. Flexiplan is a popular service of Grameenphone. 6 taka will be deducted from your account if you want to buy the 50 sms pack.

GP SMS Pack 2 TK

The validity of this SMS pack is 3 days. Also, GP has released some more SMS packs. Eg- 200 sms pack. 11 taka will be deducted from your GP account

to buy this offer. This offer is valid for 30 days. In addition to these offers, GP has given its customers an offer of 100 SMS. To buy this pack you need

gp to any number sms pack 2024

to dial this code *121*1015*1#. GP recently offered a small SMS pack to their customers.  The offer is 25 sms pack. 2 taka charge will be deducted

GP SMS Pack 2024 Code

from your account if you want to buy the GP25 SMS pack. The validity of this SMS pack is 2 days.  If you want to buy the SMS pack, you need

to dial a code. And this code is – *121*1015*3# Apart from this code you can also buy 25 SMS packs from GP flexi plan. GP has recently

gp sms pack 30 days

offering 500 SMS packs at 19 taka to their customers. If you want to activate the 500 SMS pack at 19 taka then you can activate the pack

by dialing *111*10*6#. Besides, you can download My GP Apps from the Google Play Store and buy the GP 500 SMS pack from there.

You can also buy this SMS pack from the Flexi plan if you want. GP is constantly offering various SMS packs and internet packages in Flexiplan.

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