SSC 2024 Marks Distribution [All Subject] & Question Pattern

This post will discuss the Marks Distribution of the SSC Exam 2024. So if you want, you can easily know about SSC Exam Marks Distribution from this post.

Students must know about this Marks Distribution to participate in the SSC exam. As a result, you can easily know how long the SSC exam is held in any subject.

Through this post of ours, you can know the detailed size of mark distribution of each subject of Science, Arts and Commerce department students. But for this, you must read our post carefully from beginning to end.

SSC 2024 Marks Distribution

SSC exam 2023 was held on short syllabus. Besides, instead of 3 hours, 1 hour 30 minutes and 50 marks instead of 100, the exam was held simultaneously all over Bangladesh.

But now the corona situation is very normal. In view of which the students will take the SSC exam 2024 based on the complete syllabus. So in this exam, students will be tested for 100 marks in three hours.

Many students have asked us for proper idea about SSC Exam Marks Distribution. So I will say that through this question you can know the Marks Distribution of your exam in detail.

ssc bangla 2nd paper mark distribution 2024

As you know this year SSC exam will be held in the first week of February. So the students already know how many marks will be held in their exam. Expressed interest to know about it.

SSC ICT Mark Distribution 2024

If you want to know about SSC Bangla 2nd Paper Marks Distribution? Through this post, you will easily get the right idea about SSC Bangla 2nd Paper Number mark distribution.

The SSC exam usually consists of 11 creative questions out of which students have to answer seven creative questions. Each creative question carries 10 marks. In addition, students have to answer 30 MCQ questions

ssc 2024 marks distribution all subjects

Students get 2 hours and 10 minutes to answer 7 creative questions and 30 minutes to answer 30 MCQs MCQ and written exam of total 100 marks is conducted in 3 hours.

SSC 2024 Marks Distribution

Now we are going to discuss about the Marks Distribution of all the subjects of SSC Exam 2024 so if you want you can easily use this post to get a correct idea about the Marks Distribution of your exam.

Apart from this, students of science department are given eight creative questions out of which students have to answer five creative questions and 25 MCQ questions with one mark for each question.

ssc ict mark distribution 2024

Since you now want to know about SSC ICT Marks Distribution, we are now going to discuss about ICT Marks Distribution in 2024 in detail.

In SSC exam usually ICT exam mcq is conducted students are given total 50 mcq questions each question is number one and students get total time of 50 minutes to answer these questions

Since our post discusses the Marks Distribution of SSC Exam 2024, every student should use this post to know the exact Marks Distribution of their exam.

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