SSC Result 2024 Chittagong Board with Marksheet & Number

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Chattogram is an autonomous organization, mainly responsible for holding two public examinations (SSC & HSC). The board started its operation in the year 1995. later The Board Start Holding JSC Exam After Announce by Authorities.

As per the ordinance of the board, The East Pakistan Intermediate and Secondary Education Ordinance, 1961 (East Pakistan Ordinance No. XXXIII of 1961) and its Section 3A(1), it is responsible for the organization, regulation, supervision, control

and development of Intermediate, Secondary and Junior level public examinations of educational institutions within Chattogram, Cox’s Bazar, Rangamati, Khagrachari & Bandarban districts. This information collected by Wikipedia.

SSC Exam Date 2024 Chittagong Board

Candidates of Chittagong Board and all the Boards of Education of Bangladesh started on 3rd February and ended on 27th February. This year more than 20 lakh students have participated in the SSC exams which is two to three lakh more than last year.

SSC Result 2024 Chittagong Board Published Date

Do many people want to know when the SSC Result of Chittagong Board will be published? The answer to their question is, SSC Result of Chittagong Board will be published on May 31, 2024. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will announce the result at ten in the morning. And from noon to noon you will be able to see your results online.

1st Method:

Chittagong Board SSC results have been published. So you can see your result from the official website of the Board of Education. Since everyone is trying to see the results together, the servers of the official websites of the Board of Education may be down. So if you keep trying to see your results by following the rules below, then you will get your results easily.

If you want to see the results of SSC exam of Chittagong Board, follow our steps below.

First, you visit the official website of the Board of Education.

Then you will see a result view page coming in front of you.

Then select SSC in place of examination.

Then select 2024 by clicking on the place of the year.

Then select Chittagong by clicking on that side of the board.

Then replace your roll and registration number with your SSC exam roll number and registration number.

And there is math given. Solve that math.

Finally, you click on the submit button to see the result. Then your result will come in front of you along with the mark sheet.

2nd Method:

The official website of the Board of Education can be seen in the SSC results of the Chittagong Board. Below are the rules for how you will view your results on this website. You will easily get your results if you try. Or you can easily get your results without resorting to any of the following methods without resorting to this method. So take a look at your results now using any one method.

First of all, you go to the official website of your board.

Then you will select SSC.

Then you will see a result page in front of you, which looks a lot like the page below.

Then select SSC in place of examination and give the year 2024.

Then put Chittagong in place of the board and give the result type of individual.

Then input your SSC exam roll number and registration number.

Finally, there is a captcha code, fill in that captcha code.

Then click the Get Result button. Then your result will come to your mobile or computer screen with marksheet.

Chittagong Board SSC Result from Mobile App

Do you want to see your results through your mobile phone? Then from here, you can easily know how to view SSC results through your mobile phone.

  1. You first go to the Google Play Store.
  2. Then search by typing SSC result 2024 in the search bar.
  3. Then install the software that will come first.
  4. Then open the software.
  5. Then you can better understand the result viewing system itself.

For your convenience, I have given the link below, download the software from there.

Students are downloading SSC Result 2024 App form Google Play Store.

SSC Result 2024 Chittagong Board through EIIN Number

Using this method, you can see the results of all the students in your educational institution. In fact, very few students see results in this way. This is also an easy way to see the results. So if you use this method, you will be able to see your results and the results of all the students in your school.

  1. Firstly, visit:
  2. Select your Board.
  3. Enter your School’s EIIN number.
  4. Select Type of result as SSC/Dakhil or Equivalent
  5. then click on get institution result

Download EIIN Number List

Chittagong Board SSC Result with Marksheet Download

See here with the mark sheet of SSC Result 2024 Chittagong Board. The following rules have to be followed to get the result along with the mark sheet. Without the following rules, you will not be able to see your results. So if you want to see your results, follow the rules below now.

  1. Firstly, visit
  2. Then, click on the SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent results button.
  3. Then, choose the exam type SSC/Alim
  4. Next, select your exam year which is 2024
  5. Now, select your board Chittagong
  6. And then, select result type Individual/Institutional (Forgetting your result, please select Individual Result)
  7. Then, enter your exam roll number in the gap of “Roll Number
  8. Now, type your registration number in the place of “Registration Number” (Which is optional. But you have to put it to get details result.)
  9. Finally, fill up the Security key for verification that you are not a robot.
  10. Now, Click on Get Result

রেজাল্ট পেতে অবশ্যই পোস্টটি শেয়ার করুন

Chittagong Board SSC Result from School

If you do not want to use any of the above methods to view the results, then there is another method by which you can view your results.

  1. You will go to your school first, that is, to your educational institution.
  2. Then go to your educational institution where the notice board is given.
  3. Then match your result with your roll number on the notice board.

Using this method you can see your results very easily. Remember, the results will be seen in this way after the results are published.

Grading System of Chittagong Board Result

If you want, you can see from here how many grading points you get. So you can easily understand the number of GPA grading points you get on a subject and how many numbers you get in a particular subject. So below is the detailed information about GPA, so you can know all the details of GPA from here.

Marks Grade PointLetter Grade
0 to 320.00F
33 to 391.00D
40 to 492.00C
50 to 493.00B
60 to 693.50A-
70 to 794.00A
80 to 1005.00A+

SSC Scholarship Result 2024

In Bangladesh, there are many banks and charitable organization offering a stipend to SSC Pass Poor students. The money is given only to the helpless or financially under-solvent people. If you are meritorious enough, then you can apply for the scholarship money.

Are you looking for Scholarship opportunity? Then you are in the right place. You can easily apply for SSC Scholarship Result 2024. Have you heard of DBBL SSC Scholarship Circular 2024? I hope you have already learned it. You can apply for DBBL SSC Scholarship from here.

SSC Result 2024

SSC Result 2024 has been published by Bangladesh Education Board. You can check the SSC Result from various methods. Education in Bangladesh’ is overseen by Bangladesh’s Ministry of Education. Ministry of Primary and Mass Education are responsible for implementing policy for primary education and state-funded schools at a local level. In Bangladesh, all citizens must undertake twelve years of compulsory education which consists of eight years at primary school level and six years at the high school level. Primary and secondary education is financed by the state and free of charge in public schools.

Click here to get all board SSC Result 2024 and SSC Result 2024 Marksheet

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