SSC Result 2024 Dhaka Board Marksheet & Number

SSC results will be published on May 31, 2024, according to a daily newspaper. When the SSC results will be released is entirely up to the Ministry of Education. Therefore, the official release date of SSC results has not been fixed yet.

Every student is eagerly waiting to see the SSC results. As we all know, most of the time the official website for viewing SSC results is down. The official website will be down when you can view your results in an alternative manner.

We will now discuss the methods you can use to see the results below. Below is a statistic on the dates of publication of SSC exam results in the past years. So by looking at the information below you can guess when your SSC result will be.

The Dhaka Board Secondary School Certificate Examination started on 3rd February and ended on 27th February. This year, more than 20 lakh students have participated in SSC examinations across Bangladesh.

SSC results are published within two months of the end of the examination. In terms of good results, as always, the Dhaka Board has won the first place in the SSC examination.

What is the date of Dhaka Board SSC Result?

Dhaka Board SSC results will be published on 31 May 2024. This is known from the senior officials of the Board of Education.

Many do not know the date of publication of SSC results. Students who do not know the published date of SSC result. They can see the date of publication of SSC results from here

If you read our entire post very well. Then you will understand the whole process of viewing SSC results very well.

The whole world and Bangladesh is locked down due to coronavirus. Therefore, the activities of all educational institutions and educational institutions are closed. There is no possibility of opening educational institutions until the situation improves.

Many of your students want to know when SSC results may be published. Again, many of you are worried about why the date of results is not being announced yet.

Almost everyone knows the reason for the delay in announcing the date of publication of SSC results of Dhaka Board. Because now the situation in the country is not very good. Everyone knows that because of coronavirus.

Discussing all the contexts, it is seen that the Ministry of Education will not be able to publish the SSC results on time. So there will be some delay to give the result.

How to Check Dhaka Board SSC Result 2024 Various Way?

The results of SSC examination of Dhaka Board can be seen in different ways. There are many of you, student friends who do not know how to see their test results quickly. Read our post from beginning to end. Then hopefully you can easily download your results from us here.

There are four main ways to view results in Bangladesh. You can easily collect your results by adopting any one of the four popular media. We will now discuss each method of viewing the results. Whichever one of those methods you use and quickly check your SSC exam results first of all.

  1. Online
  2. Mobile SMS
  3. Android Mobile Apps
  4. SSC Wise SSC Result by EIIN Number

The four methods we have mentioned above are the most popular method of viewing SSC results of Bangladesh Dhaka Board. We will now discuss these methods step by step, how to get your results very quickly by adopting each method. You choose one of these methods and collect your results using that method.

First Three Letters for All Education Boards

Below are the first three letters of each board of education. When you want to know about SSC Result 2024 via SMS or message, the first three letters from the board from which you have given it will be required.

We can say that we need to know the first three letters of each board. We have given the first three letters of each board of education from here.

 Board NameFirst Three Letters
Dhaka BoardDHA
Chittagong BoardCHI
Comilla BoardCOM
Barisal BoardBAR
Jessore BoardJES
Rajshahi BoardRAJ
Sylhet BoardSYL
Dinajpur BoardDIN
Madrasah BoardMAD
Technical BoardTEC

So if you want to know the first three letters of your board from here. As a result, you can easily find out the result of your SSC Result 2024 through a mobile message.

SSC Result 2024 Dhaka Board form Mobile Apps

The server is down most of the time when all the students are using the online method to see their results. Then many students became anxious and frustrated about seeing the results.

However, for their purpose, you can easily see the SSC results through your mobile apps. For this, we have given the software link below. Download the result of viewing software from there.

Students are downloading SSC Result 2024 App form Google Play Store.

Dhaka Board SSC Result 2024 with Marksheet Download

Do you want to get SSC Result 2024 Dhaka Board with Marksheet? The SSC result of Dhaka Board is going to be published in a few days. So if you want you can easily get

us here with your result mark sheet. SSC exam results can be obtained online from around 2 pm. So read our entire post carefully to get your result with mark sheet.

  • Firstly, visit
  • Then, click on the SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent results button.
  • Then, choose the exam type SSC/Alim/Equivalent.
  • Next, select your exam year which is 2024
  • Now, select your Board
  • And then, select result type Individual / Institutional
  • Then, enter your exam roll number in the gap of “Roll Number
  • Now, type your registration number in the place of “Registration Number
  • Finally, fill up the Security key for verification that you are not a robot.
  • Now, Click on Get Result button

We will now discuss the SSC Result Marksheet of Dhaka Board. It is very easy to see the SSC result of Dhaka Board with marksheet.

School Wise SSC Result 2024 Dhaka Board

Using this method, all the students of your educational institution can collect the results together. This method is quite popular for viewing SSC results. The rules to follow to see the results. We have given those rules below

This method will require your school’s EIIN number to view your SSC results. We have provided a link below to download your school’s EIIN number. Download your school’s EIIN number from there.

  1. Firstly, visit:
  2. Select your Board.
  3. Enter your School’s EIIN number.
  4. Select Type of result as SSC/Dakhil or Equivalent
  5. then click on get institution result

Click here to Download the EIIN Number List

Dhaka Education Board Result Bangladesh

Dhaka Board was established in 1921. Every year Dhaka Board is always ahead of other boards in terms of results. And this year also Dhaka Board has won the first place.

All public examinations are held under the Dhaka Board. Such as- PSC, JSC, SSC, HSC These examinations are conducted under Dhaka Board.

We all know that there are 11 education boards in Bangladesh. Of these, nine are general education boards, one is a madrasa board and one is a technical board. Dhaka Board is the largest board in each of the boards and is the most advanced from the day of the result.

This year, a total of four to five lakh students participated in the SSC examination in Dhaka Board. The pass rate of Dhaka board is 91 per cent. And the school which has bagged the first place in SSC examination this year is also the school of Dhaka Board.

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Method: 1

Collecting results using online method is a popular method. Using this method you can easily collect your results. Or you can check your result on the official website of Dhaka Board.

If you want to collect your results from the official website of the Board of Education. Then this post is for you. Because we will now discuss the method of collecting SSC results from the official website of the Board of Education.

To view your results from the official website of the Board of Education, first go to the official website of the Board of Education. Then you can easily collect your results by following the rules below.

We have given the whole process of viewing the results with examples below. So take a look at the process of viewing the results from below now.

Method: 2

This is the second official website to view the SSC results of Dhaka Board. You can also easily see your result from this website. The results of this website are easily available

with mark sheets and it takes very little time to load on this website. If you fail to see your results on the first server. Then you can use this website.

Because the results are published first on this website. So if you see the following processes to see your results, then it will be convenient to see your results.

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