Teletalk SMS Pack 2024 Code for 30 Days [500, 1000 SMS]

Today in this post we will discuss Teletalk SMS Pack. If you are interested in this topic then this post is for you. So read the post with full attention without delay.

There are several mobile SIM operators in Bangladesh. Teletalk is one of them. Moreover, if you want to use any government operator? Then Teletalk is for you.

Because Teletalk is the only government operator in Bangladesh. Moreover, you can use more amount of Internet, SMS, Internet at a relatively low cost in Teletalk operator.

Teletalk SMS Pack 2024

Today we will discuss the SMS pack of Teletalk. Teletalk has launched several SMS packs for their customers. You can use them if you want. The full form

of SMS is Short  Service Message. You can convey your important message to anyone you need with a short SMS. Moreover, many people use SMS for official work.

If you are using Teletalk SIM, then you can buy SMS pack with Teletalk SIM only. You can purchase 200 sms on Teletalk SIM for 5 taka. If you want to purchase this offer,

teletalk 500, 1000 sms pack code 2024

you can purchase it very easily. You can avail of this offer for 3 days. Dial *111*5# to activate this offer. Moreover, you can activate this pack through SMS if you want.

Teletalk 500 SMS Pack Code 2024

In that case, you have to write BS and send it to 111 number. But you have to remember that these SMS can only be sent from Teletalk to Teletalk numbers.

If sent from Teletalk to another number, Tk will be deducted from the mobile balance. You can purchase 100 SMS for 5 days on Telot if you want.

teletalk sms pack 30 days 2024

In that case, you can purchase the 10 taka offer. If you want to purchase Teletek SMS for a longer period of time, then this offer is for you. Dial *111*10# to avail this offer.

Teletalk SMS Pack 2024

Or you can also purchase this offer by sending an SMS. In this field, you have to write TS and send it to 111 number. No Tk will be deducted from your mobile to send this SMS.

So don’t delay and activate the offer now. If you want to know about the various offers of Teletalk, keep an eye on our website. We provide regular updates

teletalk sms pack 2 tk

on this topic on our website. There are currently 2 SMS packs running on Teleot. 10 Tk for 100 SMS for 5 days. Another one is 5 taka for 200 sms for 3 days.

You can use these packs if you want. Teleport currently has no SMS pack available for 1 month. You can use the above packs if you want.

We regularly discuss various tech news on our website. Moreover, various offers of all SIM operators have been discussed on our website. You can see them if you want.

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